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The Waiting Room

By Rev. Darlene

Truth and Lie were at the hospital waiting room one day. Truth looked at Lie and said, “Don’t I know you?”

Lie rolled his eyes and said, “No, most certainly not, I’ve never seen you a day in my life.”

Truth looked Lie straight in his eyes and said, “Of course you do Lie.”

“Well”, stated, “Lie, why did you ask? You are supposed to know all things and able get to the root of all things, then why waste my time?”

Truth looked at Lie again, “Let me remind you Lie, you don’t have time. You can’t have what you did not create. You steal time from others and by the way, it is my duty to even see through you, or did you forget? I wanted to see the obvious.”

“Why change when business is booming? It gets better daily. I get hits on my web site, so many e-mails and calls that my secretary has secretaries. The economy may be sinking, but not for me. As a matter of fact, people like me Truth, but the same is not said about you”.

Truth said nothing to Lie, but stared him straight in the face. Silence lingered and Truth continued to stand strong for he understood the purpose for being in the waiting area.

“Tell me Truth, “Why are you here?”

“I had a revelation that several people will want to see me and I was called.”

“You and those little revelations – you are always seeing something aren’t you, how could I forget”, Lie stated sarcastically.

Truth said nothing more but continued to look at Lie. He could feel an array of energy surrounding him. He looked at Lie who was becoming restless, pacing back and forth.

Lie looked at Truth, as he continued to babble. Truth ignored him, refusing waste his energy. Lie rambled on until interrupted by a message on the intercom requesting Truth to report to Room One.

Lie became angry and confronted Truth, “That is who I was waiting to see. We made last week arrangements to meet.”

“She called me today, said that she was tired of lying and wants to change.

Lie was angry that he could barely speak and began to feel small in size. He refused to look at Truth and said, “I don’t know why I wasted time with you. I’ve been invited to a party in the next block with Blame and Guilt.”