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The Tenets of (Up & Out Inspired Word)

  1. There is No One Greater Than Self: We are miracles of God, The Creator, made in His likeness and an expression of His divinity. Self is composed of love and the gifts that we receive from our Creator who allows us to work in harmony with Him. Our gifts are our driving force of our life and what we give to the alter of the universe.
  2. Express Gratitude: Gratitude is expressed verbally and through actions. It helps to inflame the life we live and has chain reactions as it fuels and refuels to spirits. It helps to keep life fertile.
  3. Learn To Listen, Hear The Divine: When we listen, we tell our egos to be quiet. We shut down verbally and mentally so that we can hear. We open our eyes and fill our minds with that which is and receive revelation. When we hear well, we hear God and have vision.
  4. In All Things Seek Truth: Truth provides sight and insight into life and reveals the reality of that which is. It separates the positive from the negative and provides clarity. Truth is essential to life and without it, life is nonexistent. Truth acknowledges that which is and is born out of one’s higher self. Truth just “is”.
  5. Acknowledge and Understand Your Ego: Everyone has an ego, which is consciousness. Having an ego is not a problem. The lack of understanding of the expression of one’s ego can become a challenge. An unmanaged ego is like a faucet with no valve to shut it off. It requires mastery by the owner.
  6. Give Life to Life: It is not always what we receive from life that is vital. Giving is just as meaningful. Giving can make the difference between dry earth or not. We are all equipped to give even through kind words, a smile, a loving thought, a positive thought, and humor, expressions of consideration or kindness. It costs nothing but the output is far greater than the input.
  7. Seek Inspiration: When we are not at the level of motivation, we must dig a little deeper. We need to be inspired. Inspiration provides the life, the energy the purpose to put life in motion by moving beyond today. It does not give in to life but rises above it just by knowing that it will be brighter and better and for every today is a tomorrow. Even a spark is more than a spark.
  8. Execute Courage: It is not always easy to maintain one’s self, beliefs, and convictions and remain true to truth as we know it and as we see it. Our input in life can, however, make a difference. This is why courage is an essential foundation. Though it is not always used, many prosper from it. Courage is the ability to go out of one’s own convenient way to make a way and a better way that is unselfish and may require costly sacrifices.
  9. Get To Know Your Who: Who are you, equates to who you are. Who is the self we intend to become and often times have difficulties. This could be because we have not fully met who or have apprehensions or have difficulties with the relational who or the expectations that are required. Who needs grooming and one day will receive an introduction to the universe that has been waiting.
  10. Seek to Be Better – Not Perfection: There is nothing wrong with making mistakes or having challenges. It’s life’s way of helping us to grow up. There is humility and freedom in growth. Perfection is stressful and is always becoming and therefore, never really is and for many, it can only exist as an illusion. When we seek to do better we become mindful of errors and what we need to work on. We keep It real and can express gratitude for all that is
  11. Understand Energy: Energy is the electrical source of life. All that we do in life is governed by energy even if it is a lack of or an abundance of it. Energy is never destroyed and requires a channel or it has no balance. We serve as a conduit to energy and the conductors.
  12. Getting is Only Receiving: We are all governed by karma. We get what we give and many of us give what we get, which may not be wise. We are no match for the universe. God “Is” and so is His word. Debts are a determination of our karma. We need to decide what type of investments we will have. Redemption is God’s way of purging us and restoring us thus making us free of errors through forgiveness. It is our Karma that will determine the outcome. Our free will makes our own destiny.
  13. Learn to Forgive: Forgiving means to wipe the slate clean, it does not mean that you will not be aware of what occurred but your response and your understanding and your reaction with your ego has changed. It means that it loses priority in your memory and you selectivity choose not to hold a grudge, but choose to heal and grow from the occurrence.
  14. Let go of the Past and of Nonsense: Sometimes the past should have been buried years ago and should be just that, the past. Nonsense bares no meaning and cannot be justified with logic. There are times the past and nonsense creates mental clutter that we have no room to accommodate.
  15. Learn How to Fight and Choose What Battle to Fight: There are times in our lives we must confront situations and circumstances. Weapons are not physical but are spiritual and must be thought out and planned with prayer and met with God’s approval.


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