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Nathan’s Request

By Rev. Darlene

Jonathan sat in the chair in his bedroom. He just finished watching the television in an effort to console himself. He was trying to fight back the tears, but a few fell before he knew it. Thereafter, they became consistent. Suddenly, his eyes became clear, and the tears ceased. He heard a voice. “Jonathan, “It’s alright man.  Everything’s okay.  I’m alright.”

Jonathan turned his head, while sitting in his big brown recliner. He wanted to get up but was too frozen by what he had heard. He thought that he must be dreaming but he heard his name being called again, “Jonathan, it’s me, Nathan.”

At this point, Jonathan did not know what to do. He did not know what to think, and he did not know what to believe. All he knew he was entertaining what he considered to be the impossible. The voice was definitely his brother’s and just hearing it made him feel better. He could see. He didn’t understand it, but he decided to go with it. He still sat frozen.

“What’s up man?” Were the only words Jonathan could think to say. 

“You see bro that’s why I like talking to you. You’re easy; you don’t ask questions and you just go with the flow.”

“What can I say? You’re supposed to be over there and I’m here so about now, the flow is the only way to go.”

“Jonathan, I just want you to know that’s everything is alright. They shot me with the bullet, but they didn’t hit me. They thought they killed me, but I’m still alive. I wanted out and I’m well above it. I’m better than alright. I’m great. I need for you to be alright too. I want be too be happy, but I can’t be alright if you’re not. Understand?”

“Yea, I hear you man.”

“I came back because I have got to heal a few things so that I can be released - I need your help.”

Jonathan smiled and felt empowered that he could be of some use, “What do you want me to do?”

“I need you to resolve this negative karma before it becomes a reality.”

“How am I going to do that? I can‘t change people, especially those,” declared Jonathan as his voice almost transcended an octave in bewilderment.

“You’ve always been good at talking. Just talk for me. Tell them that I am alright and if they want me to remain like this; they must put down all thoughts of violence or revenge.

Tell them that if they kill anyone - then I will have been killed twice. Tell them if they beat anyone - then I will have been beaten twice. Each time they resort to this type of revenge - I will go deeper in my grave and I will be forgotten about. I want be able to rise. I want be able walk, nor will I be able to talk and the bullets that shot me - really will have killed me.

Tell them, that I am fine and that I made a choice to lay down my weapons of mass destructions and not to study war. Tell them that I elected to become a disciple of peace and that I now dwell in the light. Tell them that I am glad that I made that wise choice before I died and that as God forgave me, I was also able to forgive those who do not know the light. Tell them that they must do the same.

Making a decision not to fight and not to kill does not make you a lesser man; it makes you a greater man. Understanding the light is to understand the love of God, and the love in others; this is the indwelling light in all humankind. The light allows one to see and provide correction and guidance.

Money does not always provide for our families, but love and understanding certainly will. Revenge cannot bring me back, nor keep me alive, nor resurrect my memory, but love will.

What else can I say Jonathan, my brother:  Live well, Love Much, Understand when you can, and whenever you can, Speak kindly and Always be of good cheer. See the best in others and seek peace always.

Rest Well My Brother and I will see you in the Sunrise.”

Jonathan smiled, “See you too Nathan. Consider it done.”