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Uncertain Realities: Preparation

Preparing can be that special need, and that special time to get ready. It may include various realities, and occasions in our lives, filled with an array of emotions:  laughter, joy, pain, and sadness. 

Perhaps we enjoy good times, and receiving good news, as we enjoy and bask in the simple pleasures of life.  This can entail some anticipated stress, met with our approval, and one day may be greeted with laughter.

On the other hand, we may find the need to prepare for other life changing events, which seem to disrupt, and interrupt our equilibrium in life, unmet with our approval. We may ask of ourselves, how we can ever prepare to endure such an earthquake, that robs us of our routine, and our normal routine.

When we seek the route of spiritual preparation, we most likely will understand the importance of including God, as part of this agenda.  How else can we get ready without Him, especially if we have had a crisis, or events in our lives, that’s created a wilderness? We know that today will never be as yesterday, and sometimes, even our friends, can never be our friends, and even some family members will never be as they were.  We may feel hopeless, and lost, and wonder when these pages will ever end. The book seems endless, with many chapters, and long episodes.  No one seems to understand, and no one seems to care; all we know, if we didn’t realize it before, the outstanding need of being in relationship with our Creator.

As we walk in our desert of life, changes may become almost unbearable.  Tears can only provide so much relief.  We are no match for this wilderness.  We need a special eye – we need someone to understand and prepare an individualized recipe for food – and provide water in our lives.  When we travel so far, and grow so weary from ourselves, God will steer us back to our inner beings – as new and improved, and that new destination in our lives.

(Preparing and Surrendering)

When we prepare ourselves, we do so with great expectations of our Savior, and allow ourselves to experience and behold – The Mighty I Am Presence.  Although the wilderness can be a dry place, and although it can be a place of enlightenment, and a place of growth, our will, and our desires must reflect the light, and intentions of the Mighty Presence.

This entails the release of our ego, and being prepared to receive the challenges, and blessings, to become a greater self.  We must allow our faith and trust to join hands, and become our travel guards, least the streets of our mind become crowded with negativity.  Every day must be about preparing and realizing that a welcome change will come to us.  We must embrace this with a knowing spirit.  We must become like John the Baptist when he walked in the wilderness, prophesying a message of readiness for Jesus Christ.  No person told him this, but his inner self allowed him to be self reliant upon his inner being.

He expressed a need for purpose that was greater than he could fully comprehend, and that he would not fully live to see, yet this did not stop him.  God nested his spirit with words of prophesy which undergirded his life.  Although John may have walked in the wilderness, he walked from the wilderness.  He clearly wasn’t focused on his attire, looks, steak and lobster, and how he would be received by others.  His focused on being prepared, for him, and others as well.  He didn’t seek the spotlight, didn’t make deals, and didn’t comprise.  He wasn’t ruled by his ego, he was released from it.

Someday, someway, and somehow, each of will be confronted with the need to prepare.  That which is – will be inevitable. Sooner or later, ego will be dismissed as the blockade that it is, and reality will become the captain, least we fall.

Preparing is necessary for everyone.  We may not always know the way, but God, our Maker, and our Creator, will show us the way, and show us how, and will be with us.  He is omnipresent.

And So It Is.

Rev. Darlene

Realization Of The Truth

Realization is that very special in time when we can see clearly.  We drop our pants of denial, and disrobe to put on more refined attire. The ego is minimal, if at all, and purpose is ready to stand erect.  The divinity of God is manifested and illuminated.  We do our God proud; After all, He has transcended our every thought and wish.

Jesus, The Master, The Father, The Teacher, The Messiah, has made good on His word. Logos is flesh - fulfilled.  After years of strife, hope, tears, and lost souls, The Governor of Supreme Justice, is among us.  Hosanna!  Hosanna!  Though His mission is a high one – He rides this lowly donkey, not in arrogance, and not seeking praise, but humbly.

He is a king, who wore no helmet, and no attire to fight in case of war.  After all, He fought many battles with the might of the spirit.  These battles did not end lives, they began lives.  These battles did not lose souls, they saved souls. These battles did not take from the lesser, they feed them.

He was surrounded by people who sought truth – this historic servant – The Word made flesh, this servant who is their Savior, their Messiah, and their new hope.  They are ready for battle.  This Messiah, who could heal the sick, raise the dead, feed a multitude, and walk on water, just to name a few things He was capable of doing.  Many didn’t realize that He was a Messiah, and not a Magician.  He was a soldier in God’s army, and not one in man’s army. His Kingdom would be in them, and not in physical battle.  Their truth, for many, was a jaded perception of what they wanted, and what they thought they needed.  They weren’t prepared to receive Him, and were quite unaware of their perceptions.  They weren’t even ready for themselves, and the unleashed potential they were being seeded for.  Their lives would be forever changed.  They needed to prepare for reality to receive Jesus, as well as themselves.

They waved palms all about Him.  “Hosanna in the Highest” The palms dropped at His feet from the left and right.  What a blessed moment.  What a time when we are totally in the flow, and it seems that everything in our lives takes to the high road.  We see what we see, and we don’t have enemies, or any challenges.  The adversary does not exist.  We don’t have to do anything; this Soldier will do the fighting for us.  “Hosanna”

However, we are surrounded by the palms of our own thoughts.  We ride this donkey for as long as we can, but the day will come as it did for Jesus, when our lives will be divided by the truth, and we will quickly learn that there is no place for denial; all that seems real, is not real, and is not of God, and will eventually fall flat on its face.  Love allowed truth to become.  “Hosanna”  “Hosanna”

Rev. Darlene

Clarity In The Upper Room

I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t want to see clearly.  It provides truth and validation of our inner eye.  Sight provides a greater level of understanding, and without it, it becomes the equivalent of walking in a wilderness which we created.  As we walk in this wilderness, sight becomes important to reality.

Clarity can be the upper room of our consciousness, when the truth is unveiled, and reality is not classified as good or bad, negative or positive – it is way the way it is.  We see what we see, and therefore know what we know.  We do not see to alter nor transform the truth, because we see that which is.  Our feelings are not compromised because our ego is suspended.  We are enthralled in the reality of truth, when we see clearly; Questions are not always primary, but existence is. When truth unravels, and we accept it without the denial of our ego, we are at peace.  We know what we know, and are ready to let go, and understand and forgive ourselves, and others, for obstacles that have been created.

Our upper room, this place of clarity, let’s us understand this place of Jesus with higher insight.  Jesus presided over the most important meal that history can never duplicate.  Although we weren’t physically there, we were there, and for those who want to see, can see, and for those who desire not to see, will not see.  At some point, our existence was characterized by one of these twelve disciples.  Also, at sometime in our life, these events will take residence in our lives.  We will need clarity.  Jesus was the only person who had clarity; He asked no questions, and with insight that was clear, and understanding which was so sharp, and with an ego that was so transcendent, He had perfect vision, accepted truth, and was able to forgive.  Isn’t it amazing, that this too, becomes a requirement of our lives?  We cannot get stuck in life, and we must see, and cannot deny life, least our wilderness becomes greater than who we are.

What we must overcome is our humanness we have created as ourselves.  Our thoughts and our emotions have given rise to a wilderness.  The crisis of lives becomes, when we never make it to the upper room, and choose to reside in the wilderness, or when we make it to the upper room, and have a Judas experience, and deny clarity of truth, deny Jesus, and choose not to stay there, and do not rise to a higher self.  We have the power, and authority to say yes, or no; We can blame no one for our lives when we hold eyes glasses in our hands, and decide to wear them, or not.

Rev. Darlene

Just When

Just when you think

times are almost too

difficult to bear


Just when you think

your days of despair

are more than a few


Just when you think your

Your tears linger too long,

And your smiles are

far and in between,

and too few


Just when you think

trials are unwinding,

and will never end,

and the road once walked

is now but a fortress,

shrouded with little hope.


Just when you feel,

oh so tired, God makes

a surprise visit, consoling

Your spirit, renewing your hope,

restoring your life, watering

your well, revitalizing your visit,

and allowing you to sing, and dance,

and shout His praises, with smiles of

Thanksgiving, and Blessing you with

His Horn of Plenty.


Your will know life, was not

only a just, not a but, not a then,

and now is the future

that is yet to come.


Your will know that Our God,

Who sees beyond our pain, and knows

our every thought, and feels our

every tear; This Our God,

The Redeemer of Our Life, and

The  Life Preserver of our souls,

has a road map, well in hand,

Even before you walked the path

of just, He has reservations for

the path of when, and not then.

Written By:  Rev. Darlene Crenshaw