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Oh, My Mouth!

My mouth is a delicate part of my body. It houses my tongue. I keep my mouth clean, so I brush my teeth, floss, and use mouth wash. I even go to the dentist so I can be a good custodian.

If I put something in my mouth that is too cold, I can feel sensations throughout my body. I can even feel my teeth chatter. When I put something in my mouth that is too hot, I feel sensations as well, and if I should burn my tongue it is a miserable feeling.

If my mouth is unkempt, and I do not care for my teeth, or adhere to proper hygiene, others can know as well - but, I, the custodian of this mouth make a statement about myself.

This mouth that we have, and this tongue we use to make sounds of expressions, can do quite a bit. They can make statements about yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and these words can hurl far beyond the graves of times.

We can use these words to express emotions, and provoke thoughts and give significant responses. These words we use can bless others - to build them up and help them see things within themselves, far beyond themselves. These words can be a tell all sign of the eye and the heart.

They can be expressed with or without thought - we must decide. Words can be used to construct or destruct, and once they are introduced to the universe, they take on a life of their own, but we still own them - they are destined to return. They don't need

(Oh, My Mouth)

a wardrobe; we groom them, based upon our experiences and feelings - based upon, the giver and the receiver.

Oh, these words of mine, which I create, my mouth is but an altar, and my tongue is my sword. I try to dress them up sometimes, to make them sound nice, but even still, my attire is unbecoming, and like my clothes, so are the words.

When words are used to construct - we bless ourselves and other. The universe bows to us, as the light of God glistens through others, and around us. We see God. We get to know God through others, and ourselves, as God is omnipresent. Life is Light. Our Mouth and Our Tongue and Our Heart and Our Minds work in unison - our emotions are indicative of a healthy ego - it is balanced and not pervasive.

When words are used to destruct - our mouths are like a set of decayed teeth in need of care that the custodian cannot fully attend to. Often times, the price is costly, and the custodian learns the true value of teeth.

When words are used to gain control over others, they become hurtful and the person becomes an object to be pounced upon. Care and insensitivity is overruled, without a caring thought. Ego becomes pervasive and loses itself and violation occurs - but, when we violate others, we violate ourselves, through the creation of negative karma.

The questions becomes, how many of us will allow ourselves to become comfortable with a destructive mouth. When we pass judgment -does it make it right? When we gossip -does it make it right? When we envy - does it make it right?

Regardless of the status quo, and regardless of how often it is done, is it ethically and morally right? Does it hurt others, and who gets hurt in the cross-fire?

Perhaps, it would be wise to check ourselves. Violence is nested in minds and becomes verbal, whether it is verbal or non-verbal, and expressed through our own actions, it can be self-inflicted or inflected upon others.

Oh, this mouth of mine. I have it, and only I can use it to bless myself, as well as others. What will I do?

Rev. Darlene