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Meditation #5

Meditation #5 – Tenet #5

The way we respond to the voice of God determines how we express our ego. When one surrenders without question it reflects a great deal of trust and humility as we relinquish the ‘I’ of self and respond to our inner being – our inner self. It can be quite an experience filled with question and with doubt and promise. The ego can be invasive of the spiritual self, thus creating conflict whereby we shot bows and arrows with our thoughts. The voice that speaks to us can be easily dismissed when we assume to drive a car without permission.

Doing is not always a matter of question, but it is an acknowledgment of purpose of a will. Is God’s will separate from ours or is it the same? Can we always see it and can we always understand it? Can this be why faith and trust will provide vision and reliability? As small children, we cannot always see the way but must learn to rely on our caretakers. Sometimes things we must do, we don’t want to do, and they may not make sense. When we reside in our ego, we can only see what ego only allows us to see and believe. We can become self -righteous and lack understanding.

Could this be what happened to Jonah, (Jonah 4:1-9), who was resistant to a mission? He refused to use his gift and seemed to forget who was really in charge. Can ego be a tool of deception? His underlying thought could easily be conceived as, “Lord, you are not going to do anything to these wicked people. You will only make me seem like a wimp. I will be embarrassed. I don’t even like them. Why should I waste my time? As far as I am concerned, they deserve what they get.”

How can we think clearly when we only hear our voice? How can we clearly think when we lack objectivity? Can it be possible that sometimes we elevate ourselves, our feeling, our will and treat God as a second class citizen? Purpose becomes secondary.

God being God and in His mercy never leaves us as we do Him, but through His love confronts and restores us to ourselves and thus provides renewed purpose.


Almighty God, I am blessed to be called to serve. Help me to realize I am never more important than the task you have called me to do. You are the Most Important and the root and the provider of purpose. Before I stumble over myself, allow me to see You first and understand You are an equitable Master to all. Humble my spirit to know that I am blessed to be called to serve. Thank-you. And So It Is.


When I think I am above circumstances and the voice of God, then I know that I have become small in myself and have diminished my vision and reside in ego, but when I realize the Greatest and Goodness of You – My eyes are open to life and I can see reality. And So It Is.

Written By: Rev. Darlene