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Meditation #4

Meditation #4 – Tenet #4

What About The Truth?

It’s pleasant to be flattered, especially compliments about our character, our looks or anything that places us at the center of it. We can feel good, regardless if we are the giver or receiver. Words may be used as lip service to keep waters at bay to disguise lies. In reality, truth is in the depth of these waters and lies are on the surface. Deception can be an act of talking with the use of eloquent words that seem convincing, but yet mean so little.

A delayed truth is only avoidance of the obvious to address apparent reality, blocking confrontation of reality and eradicating it, creating thorns of denial. It may take courage to be truthful and other times we must stand along in truth and be mindful of the presentation.

Truth is inevitable as the air we breathe and not a bed of nails awaiting someone’s demise. Truth and freedom are dancing partners – in life they are always in concert – freedom cannot exist without truth. No matter how difficult truth is, the core is still a sweet necessity. Could this be why God told Ezekiel to eat the scroll (Ezekiel 3: 1-4) - the words of truth preparing him to prophesy to the fallen Israelites? God knew who this prophet had to confront. They wanted their way and did not want to change. Truth was an unwelcome change, compromise and conformity of their lifestyle.

Ezekiel had to eat the truth, learn the truth and know the truth and digest the truth before he could deliver it to his subjects. Truth is not a punitive. Our perception to direction and the execution of our own misguided will punishes us. Without truth we invade the light of ourselves with darkness. Truth is God’s way of lifting us up and delivering us from ignorance to a higher consciousness. It’s God’s way of giving us insight and revelation that becomes crucial to decisions we must make and challenges we must confront. It provides the faith and the courage we need to cross the rivers of life without drowning. Without truth, where is the preparation of life and where is the scroll?


Almighty and Loving God, it is so easy to want to hear, what we want to hear, because ego is such a hunger mind, but in the midst of this we relinquish our thoughts and our will to be true, live truth and seek truth, so that you can shape and mold our lives to see clearly and be profound as your surrendered servant. And So It Is.


Truth grooms me for life, consequences and circumstances and results. As I live and reside the truth of the universe would have it, there is no need to be apologetic – for truth – as is – stands along as it is. And So It Is.

Written By: Rev. Darlene