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Meditation #3

Meditation #3 – Tenet #3

How Can This Be?

Listening is not always easy. Our minds are filled with clutter and often it is difficult to put things aside and quite them. It’s even more difficult to receive an answer supernaturally because our conscious mind seeks reasoning and we question things that seem out of the ordinary.

Listening is a priority because it transforms reasoning to a more transcendental state of mind. Questions often supersede our being and our mission in life until we surrender and allow that which ‘is’ – ‘to be’.

Listening becomes difficult because when quiet our mind we are to a submissive to a higher voice. We can be like Zacharias, who stood in the presence of the angel Gabriel, sent by God, as a messenger, (Luke 1:18 – 20). He heard what was being said, but his continuous questions became an indication that he did not listen to what was being said, There are limits even with questions – listening becomes introspective. It’s like drawing water from the well of our own minds, our own thoughts, our own decisions and when the answer comes and the will of our direction of life is made plain, we don’t draw from faith, but we resort to our consciousness and our egos and question the voice, until sometimes it is silenced or drowned by the water of our own well.

Zacharias had a divine intercession whereby he could have rejoiced and expressed gratitude, but instead he was filled with questions. As a result he could not spread the good news because he was left speechless until the birth of his son, John the Baptist

How often are we unable to give birth to life when we do not listen, we do not heard the divine within us – and in so doing we lose the light, the water of our own life and are silence until we learn to listen and hear.


Loving God, we ask that you grant us the humility and we need to learn to listen to You, and the Angels of the past and present, regardless of age or regardless who You have placed in our lives. Though what You say may seem different and out of tune with my life, let me realize, that the Universe is large and is filled with changes and that as God, You are not confined to a box, but a supernatural wonder out of a box, and for this I am grateful. And So It Is.


I hear with my inner ear and listen to the Divine. I release myself from myself and then am allowed to see with my third eye. I listen, I hear, and I see. And So It Is.

Written By: Rev. Darlene