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Meditation #1

Meditation #1 – Tenet #1

The events and circumstances surrounding the death of Jesus were brutal. Some would think that Jesus is the main character of this story and we had nothing to do with what occurred. How could we? We weren’t even conceived yet. The need for Jesus was present during the fall of man and woman – the need for restoration and redemption could only be given by the Savior, the Redeemer. The outcome became apparent at the cross in the midst of His pain of suffering, He felt so much for us and understood and pitted the despair of our nonsense and our violence as it was being inflicted. Some delighted in it as if it was a scene from a love story. Humanity was at its lowest. Collective consciousness was not at its best, was at an all-time low. At His moment of suffering, we became quite lost.

His Prayer, His Request was not for Himself, but for us when we lose our way and succumb to our lower self. It was the same then as it is today. It has collected no cob webs, and has no one name attached to it, and is always active. It reminds me of times when my parents just looked at me intently and didn’t utter a word when I knew I was wrong. The look was piercing but still had intended words.

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” (Luke 23 2:34 – NIV)

Could it be that in His love for us, He not only saw our brokenness, but He saw our greatness, and perhaps He saw our joy, our life, our laughter and He could see the beauty in us and the remorsefulness when we stray and he could hear our prayers and our praises and our laughter when we show delight.

When we look in the mirror, we don’t always look like a Mother, a Father, or siblings, but we resemble our Lord and our Savior first.

So when we look at others, though at times we must look well beyond the self, to really see, we do not see unless we see the God within. In seeing and knowing the God in others, we seek to be kind and loving and always "behold the Christ."


Thank you Father for giving me eyes to see the spirit in others and allow me to realize the greatness and potential in others, as I do for myself. Allow me never to take others life for granted and value their time, kind deeds, thoughts and words. How can I ask you to bless me, if I cannot do the same for them? So to all of my relatives, born and unborn, seen and unseen, I thank You Father for all of what, and all of who you have blessed the universe with. Allow us to remain humble, grow in wisdom and bask in the warmth of your spirit. And So It Is.


To realize the greatness in my self is to respect the Creator, creation and others. It is in showing respect there is understanding of life for this is when life has a flow. It is this spirit that I bless life and when I bless life, I do not violate it as understanding allows me to see the many blankets the vision that we all share. And So It Is.