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If Only I Had Listened

By Rev. Darlene

Today was the longest walk Thomas ever made from the train station. He knew why he felt so ambivalent after being released from his job. In his gut, he knew it would happen, but denial overruled his logic. He should be depressed or worried, so he thought; he felt relieved and for the first time in years, he could feel the fresh air as he blew across his face. It was a cold day, but it made no difference. It was still a good day.

The other part of him was concerned; he did not know what to do. There were some savings to take care of his family, but there was never a guarantee of a new job. If only he had listened to his first mind, he was offered a job with more steady hours, but the pay was lower and the benefits were not as good as his current job. He wasn’t in the mood to take a risk, but the better part of him, kept telling him to go for it. He wanted to, but he was doubtful. He was tired of the stress of his current job and felt that he wanted more money.

Besides, in this new position, he would be in the public eye more and work more as an advocate. He was use to calling the shots in a big plush office. He pretty much had it all. This new position sounded enticing but he felt that he would be left without definition. Even though, his first mind spoke to him again and again, he had his pride.

Six months or more had passed and from time to time, Thomas still thought about the job offer he had, and wondered what it would be like... He had to admit to himself that he wasn’t happy and was seeking other employment, which was stressful. The responses were few and the competition was keen. He learned t there could be a possible acquisition with his company with significant downsizing. A week later during a meeting, it was confirmed as true. He worked to the very end, trying to be loyal, not to mention, he needed the money. His position was cut and there were no other pending offers.

The shorter his walk was, the longer it became. Thomas murmured to himself, “Bet you the next time, I’ll listen to my first mind, no matter what, that’s for dog gone sure. I didn’t have to be in this mess.”

He felt the need to go in a different direction to make the walk a little longer. He needed time to get a grip on his feelings. As he was walking he passed a small private school with a Help Wanted Sign: HISTORY TUTORS NEEDED. He couldn’t believe his eyes that were one of his majors in college. It was still his passion, but it never paid any money. He rushed in the school and inquired about it. It took a while but he walked out renewed.

He had a new career and they would also need a teacher and learned that he had taught before. He left with plans. He we reborn with joy and inspiration – he had plans of starting a tutoring program, a genealogy program and a mentoring program.

His walk home was not too long. He needed a short cut to hurry and spread to the news. Yesterday’s news is today’s hope and joy. He was glad that he took time to listen instead of getting angry.