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Turning A New Page
(Falling Leaves)

When Up And Out Inspired was conceived it was done so with prayer and guidance from God. The purpose of this is to: inspire, encourage, motivate, stimulate, provide insight, and purpose to those who need a voice. There are those who feel they need to be heard, or feel that they have lost their voice, or need their experiences and understanding of life shared. There are times words are there, but they can get lost, or are difficult to articulate, or sometimes another perspective can enhance our voice.

How can I sit idly in the background, and ignore concerns and issues that are deeply rooted, and have made many voices hoarse, and as a result, have silenced the sounds of happiness and expressions of love. We all hurt, and some more than others, but the impact weighs greatly upon all of us. When one person becomes a victim - we all do. Violence is not a way of life - it's not even an excuse.

We cannot raise a glass to toast a drunken victory, when all around us, battles are being fought, and seemingly, being caught, and lost in a spider web of ignorance. In this vast and modern world of technological advancement, we seem knee deep in in economic depression, cruelty amongst each other, and violence. It seems that there are those who are content in being robots of destruction to themselves and others. These actions cannot be justified, and they have no logic. God does not bless, justify, nor condone acts that are not of His nature, nor of His being.

It is for this reason, Up And Out Inspired Word, will address issues of violence. They will be addressed in a creative and artistic manner, as they are with received with guidance and prayer, and not anger, and in a negative manner. Ego has no place in service. I believe to remain silent is to sleep with violence and live to continue the dream, without acknowledgment of a sad and dark reality.

These writings are not meant to call anyone out, or make anyone a villain, but whether it is meant to free all parties intended, by providing vision. The Title of these new works will be called: Falling Leaves.

While other writings will continue these will be a priority, and will continue as long as necessary.

Always know that God Is; God Forgives; God Restores - and God is a kind and loving God, who acknowledges Spirit and Truth.

Peace and Love,
Rev. Darlene

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