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A Special Voice

By Rev. Darlene

Somewhere there is a voice, a very special voice, which blows in the wind and is waiting to be heard.  A voice is an expression of who we are, and what we stand for – this is why it is so special.  It needs to be heard, and it deserves to be heard.

If a voice is an expression of us, it is always of a Higher Self.  We listen, we hear, we absorb, and we speak or act.  We are special – we are not like anyone else; there is a treasure within each of us that awaits and is worthy of a discovery.  This is why we must realize that in life we ascend, (we must always go forward, even when we error- we must excel).  We must not descend – (we must not regress – no one can walk backwards).  They will fall until they get tired; they must get up.

When we realize that we are someone special, we know and understand that others are also.  We know that we do not indulge in idle time talking about each other, spreading harsh and cruel words about each other.  After all, how can we do something to another, unless we do it to ourselves?

This is what being special all is about.  It is in knowing that we can make a difference with our voice, and that words can stand for something.  When in unity, if we are positive, if we take our voices and stand for that which is good, pure, and positive, then in the

(A Special Voice)

course of time, we can move mountains, shape futures, change negative outcomes, and inspire even the weakest link to become motivated.

So you, my voice and your voice counts!  My voice makes a difference! My voice is special, and our voices will not be misused, abused, nor used wastefully.

My Voice, My Very Special Voice is Special, and So Am I.