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The Five Hands

By Rev. Darlene

The holidays are upon us and to some this becomes a times of good cheer and good times. It’s a time to celebrate and commemorate all the things that we deem important in our lives. We have hands to hold that abide us and give us the courage to look up. We look forward to these days with anticipation and await the festivities and even celebrate the memories of those who had land marks before us. Even for some of the worse of us, suddenly we take a temporary turn for the best.

The season has taken on a trend of work and making sales. It has long been a focus of who can buy the best gift, but now it has become a means of economic stimuli as well as traditional greed. None the less, for many it is a happy time, but as I view the other side of the road, I wonder is the picture, this image, this long thought tradition was only a dream? The truth of the matter is, life does not stop because of Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years, and I guess the meaning of all of these days can be summed up with a package of gratitude, hope, faith, love and trust. We need these five hands to flow in all directions, North – South – East – and West and to every highway and byway and every road which follows.

We need these five hands of Gratitude, Hope, Faith, Love and Trust to understand that while we are so grateful that someone is crying in the wilderness. The lost was so great that their tears just can’t be silenced and we are not trying to take it away, but we want to say to you that we do care and if the only that we can do is pray or play a song for you, then we will do so.

The Hand of Hope points to those who got lost in a blizzard. It’s not about blame and it’s not about who did what. It’s about reaching out and knowing that when your light is dim or when you can’t see, someone has a candle glowing for you, even in a word, a smile, a hug, a thought. What can get worse already is – therefore, the question becomes, where do I go from here? The answer is so obvious – go forward.

The Hand of Faith undergirds those who want to hold on and don’t give in, but have so little to draw from. Just when we think we reached our end, faith is like a special person in our lives that came from nowhere, but needed to be there, Faith, that angel from nowhere comes from a blinding blizzard in the harsh cold, to make it all right, regardless of conditions and trials involved.

The Hand of Love comes when we lease expect it and from whom we lease it from. Sometimes we think it was the coat, the gloves, the homes that kept us warm, but it was the love. It was the thoughts, the sacrifices made unselfishly by others on our behalf just to add something special to our lives – that was love. Sometimes it was courage, tears, joy, pain, sometimes, it was conditional and sometimes it was not, but we could feel it and we knew it, we came to rely on it. Though, we may think it, not in our lives, we don’t realize it, but it is found in a circle, if one only reaches out. It becomes inclusive. Being alone does not exist – we are all a circle of one – God’s universal children.

The Hand of Trust gives us all the reassurance we need collectively as one. We don’t get caught up in the rapture of our own good times share them. We know regardless of how difficult and trying times are and may become someone always sees through our looking glass. That’s God’s plan. That’s God’s design for life. Help is always on the way.

What good is staying at home alone? – Get up and get out. If you want to be alone, then do so by choice and have an agenda and have fun - have fun - and have more fun. If you know you’re feeling down, as so many are, know that you are not alone. Talk about it or even write about it. Get up and get up. Try to get physical, window shop, dance, or do something for someone else. Make room for others – Make room for life.

Remember when we ask for life without a challenge, we don’t expect miracles – we expect magic. When there is pain – there is growth – where there is growth, there is great potential for life and always a change to – give life to life.

Though in the final analysis, no matter how painful and no matter how trying life may seem, it is all about the journey and becoming and overcoming to become an extended hand to others – we are the inertia – the conduits of life. We Are Ever So Blessed. And So It Is.