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About Us

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About Us

About Us

Turn to our online organization for inspirational stories that will help you become a better person. Up & Out Inspired Word in Chicago, Illinois, was conceived out of a desire to reach people and share the difference between inspiration and motivation. When it comes to inspiration, it inflames, whereas motivation provides direction to those who are in the process of obtaining goals.

Additionally, our organization was also founded because our founder saw the hurt and pain that many people were going through. She felt that these human conditions could be eased through meditation and inspirational stories.

Meet Our Founder

Rev. Darlene is the founder of Up & Out Inspired Word. She is an ordained minister of twenty-one years and holds a Masters of Divinity Degree from Chicago Theological Seminary. In addition to that, she has a counseling background with more than 20 years of addiction, mental health, and spiritual counseling. She has also worked in the church as a teacher, minister, and speaker.